Why is my SSN, photo ID, and a verification document required to add my bank account?

Stripe is the payment processing platform utilized by TradeMatrix. By law, Stripe is required to verify the identity of everyone connecting a bank account. To verify each user’s identity, a SSN, photo ID, and additional verification document is required. Please visit the articles below for further information.



How do subscriptions work?

Users can utilize TradeMatrix for free with no hidden fees or functionality. Each user is also able to set a unique subscription price for their premium posts if they choose to.

When a user creates a post, they select whether that post in Non-premium or Premium. Non-premium posts are available for every user on the TradeMatrix platform to view. These posts will be loaded into each follower’s newsfeed. Premium posts are available for every subscriber to view. These posts will load unlocked on the subscriber’s newsfeed and remain locked for all other TradeMatrix users. When a user subscribes to another user’s premium content, they will have access to that user’s premium posts, portfolio, and chat capabilities.

Subscriptions are set to auto-renew in 30 days from the subscription date. The renewal date can be viewed under the “MyMatrix -> Subscribed to” or “Settings -> Subscribed History” portions of TradeMatrix. Subscribers will be sent notifications prior to this renewal should they wish to unsubscribe.

When a user unsubscribes from another user, the benefits of the subscription will expire when the 30-day subscription period ends, and the subscription will not automatically renew. Users will be sent notifications prior to this expiration.

If a user unsubscribes and wants to re-subscribe, they must wait until the subscription expires.

How do I set up my account to receive subscription payments?

Users must successfully link a bank account before they are able to set a subscription price and receive payments from other users. Bank accounts can be setup under Settings -> Add Bank.

After a bank account has been successfully linked to a user’s profile, they can add a monthly subscription price and promotion campaign price under Settings -> Set Subscription Price

What is the subscription promotion campaign?

TradeMatrix is a unique platform that allows content creators to monetize off their posts if they choose to. The promotion campaign is a feature for these content creators to utilize. This feature allows users to temporarily discount their subscription price to a specific amount, for a specific length of time, for new subscribers to their premium content. After the promotional length of time has passed for a user, they will automatically be charged the regular monthly subscription price.

What does TradeMatrix cost?

TradeMatrix is unique in providing real-time stock and cryptocurrency data on each post. To keep this functionality for all users, TradeMatrix collects a 20% commission on each subscription payment made from peer to peer.

The commission may seem higher than 20%. This is because our payment processor, Stripe, collects a 2.9% commission + $0.30 on each transaction.

How do posts display in my newsfeed?

Unlike other Social Media platforms, TradeMatrix does not use an algorithm to display posts. When a user first creates an account with TradeMatrix, their newsfeed will populate with posts from every user on the platform. The moment they follow or subscribe to a user, those posts will disappear, and they will only see posts from the users they follow/subscribe to.

This was by design. We know that the financial industry is full of scams and is difficult to navigate. Our intention is that you follow/subscribe to those individuals that you trust, and you do not receive information within your newsfeed from anyone else.

Real time data updates?

Currently, TradeMatrix provides real-time stock and cryptocurrency data free of charge for all users. The updates are not automatically performed. This data is updated once per minute for each ticker and loaded into the application when a user refreshes or navigates to a new screen. As TradeMatrix grows, we will implement more hosting functionality that provides real-time data that updates more than once per minute without the need to refresh screens. Please keep in mind that most companies charge users for real-time data and when they do not pay for it, the data they receive is delayed by 15 minutes. We wanted to provide users with the most accurate data we can at this time, free of charge.

How do I receive notifications on other user's posts?

Users will only receive notifications when other user’s make posts if they are subscribed to that user.