How do subscriptions work?

Users can utilize TradeMatrix for free with no hidden fees or functionality. Each user is also able to set a unique subscription price for their premium posts if they choose to.

When a user creates a post, they select whether that post in Non-premium or Premium. Non-premium posts are available for every user on the TradeMatrix platform to view. These posts will be loaded into each follower’s newsfeed. Premium posts are available for every subscriber to view. These posts will load unlocked on the subscriber’s newsfeed and remain locked for all other TradeMatrix users. When a user subscribes to another user’s premium content, they will have access to that user’s premium posts, portfolio, and chat capabilities.

Subscriptions are set to auto-renew in 30 days from the subscription date. The renewal date can be viewed under the “MyMatrix -> Subscribed to” or “Settings -> Subscribed History” portions of TradeMatrix. Subscribers will be sent notifications prior to this renewal should they wish to unsubscribe.

When a user unsubscribes from another user, the benefits of the subscription will expire when the 30-day subscription period ends, and the subscription will not automatically renew. Users will be sent notifications prior to this expiration.

If a user unsubscribes and wants to re-subscribe, they must wait until the subscription expires.